7/1/1929 : The Croatia
n revolutionary organisation "Ustasa" is formed the day after the proclamation of a dictatorship by the serbian king.

29/1/1573 :
Matija Gubec raises a peasant revolt.

8/2/1945 :
Communist partisans burn 15 franciscans at SirokiBrijeg.

10/2/1960 :
After a long imprisonment and being sentenced to 16 years hard labour by the communists, Dr Alojzije Stepinac dies at his birthplace of Krasic.

15/2/1573 :
Leader of the peasant revolt, Matija Gubec, is executed at Markovom Trgu in Zagrebu.

20/2/1935 :
Yugoslavian police suppress a Croatian peasant uprising in Sibinju at Slavonski Brod.

23/2/1942 :
The leader (Poglavnik) of the NDH Dr Ante Pavelic opens the first sitting of the re established Croatian parliament. He calls on all those present to work for the good of the Croatian people and to safeguard their independance.

28/2/1896 :
Father of the nation, Dr Ante Starcevic, dies in Zagreb.

30/3/1933 :
Croatian emigrees in North and South America present a petition for Croatian independance signed by 50,000 people to the League of Nations.

1/4/1941 :
Radio broadcasts of the main Ustasha group outside Croatia are heard for the first time.

1/4/1937 :
The Italian regime interns Ustashe in Italy.

6/4/1941 :
Dr Ante Pavelic broadcasts a speech by radio and calls upon Croatians to revolt for the establishment of an Independant State of Croatia.

9/4/1957 :
Attempted assassination in Buenos Aires of the Poglavnik Dr Ante Pavelic.

10/4/1941 :
Croatian patriot Petar Kvaternik is killed in Crikvenici.

10/4/1941 : Croatian National Day.  INDEPENDENT STATE of CROATIA

17/4/1941 : The first Croatian government swears an oath to the Croatian people.

20/4/1936 :
Italian government releases Dr Ante Pavelic from prison.

20/4/1969 :
General Vjekoslav Luburic, leader of the organisation Odpor, is killed in Spain.

22/4/1929 :
Dr Ante Pavelic signs the "Sofia Declaration" in Sofia with Macedonian representatives.

22/4/1990 :
HDZ wins the first free post-war elections.

8/5/1898 :
Cardinal Dr Alojzije Stepinac is born in Krasic

8/5/1945 :
Yugo-communist partisans enter Zagreb.

9/5/1937 :
Armed yugoslavians attack a gathering of Croatian Youth in Senj.

15/5/1945 :
Beginning of the greatest tragedy to befall the Croatian people. After the fall of the NDH and the retreat of the Croatian army and civilians, english officers forcibly return the Croatians to the partisans. 250,000 Croatians died at Bleiburg and in the subsequent Death Marches.

23/5/1823 :
Dr Ante Starcevic is born in Zitnik.

30/5/1990 :
Croatian National Day. The beginning of a new era in modern Croatian history. Newly elected representatives and a new national government enter parliament led by Dr Franjo Tudman.

6/6/1932 :
Beginning of the Licki Uprising.

7/6/1932 :
Attempted assassination of Dr Mile Budak in Zagreb.

13/6 :
Croatian Armed Forces day, and Croatian Antunovi day.

20/6/1928 :
Punisa Radisa shoots at the Croatian peoples representatives in the parliament in Belgrade. Pavle Radic and
Duro Basaricek are killed.

28/6/1914 :
Gavrilo Princip assassinates Ferdinand in Sarajevo, starting World War 1.

5/7/1891 :
Croatian poet Tin Ujevic is born in Vrgorcu.

10/7/1856 :
Nikola Tesla is born.

14/7/1889 :
Dr Ante Pavelic, Poglavnik of the NDH, is born in Bradini.

8/8/1928 :
Stjepan Radic dies from the wounds he received in the Belgrade parliament shooting.

18/8/1941 :
Chetniks slaughter over 5,000 muslim Croats in Srebrenica.

20/8/1889 :
Croatian writer and politian Dr Mile Budak is born in Sv Roku.

3/9/1921 :
Legendary Croatian General Vitez Jure Francetic is born.

3/9/1928 :
Dr Ante Pavelic establishes the "Hrvatski Domobran" organisation in Zagreb.

7/9/1944 :
Doglavnik Marko Dosen, vice-president of the Croatian parliament during the NDH dies in Zagreb.

9/9/1943 :
Poglavnik Dr Ante Pavelic rejoins the whole Adriatic region back to its Croatian motherland.

11/9/1927 :
Dr Ante Pavelic is elected as the people representative for the Zagreb region.

22/9/1945 :
Croatian Generals I. Mrkulj, A Nardelli i T. Sertic are sentenced to death in Belgrade.

3/10/1956 :
Dr Dzafer beg Kulenovic, president of the Croatian leadership in the NDH, dies in Damascus, Syria.

8/10/1871 :
Eugen Kvaternik begins a revolt in Rakovici.

9/10/1934 :
Vlado Cernozemski, a member of the UHRO, assassinates the yugoslavian king Aleksander in Marseilles.

11/10/1946 :
Yugo-communist trial sentences Dr Alojzije Stepinac to 16 years jail.

16/10/1978 :
Croatian patriot Bruno Busic is killed in Paris by UDBA.

28/10/1927 :
Dr Ante Pavelic presents his legendary speech in the Belgrade parliament and announces that he will fight for the establishment of an Independant State of Croatia.

6/11/1868 :
Mirogoj cemetary opens in Zagreb.

14/11/1838 :
Croatian writer August Senoa is born in Zagreb.

15/11/1984 :
Marija Pavelic (Lovrencic), wife of the Poglavnik Dr Ante Pavelica, dies in Madrid aged 88.

5/12/1918 :
Yugoslavian troops massacre Croatian nationalists demonstrating against Croatia's incorporation in the kingdom of serbs, croats and slovenes.

27/12/1942 :
Croatian general Jure vitez Francetic dies.

28/12/1959 : The Head of the Independant State of Croatia Dr Ante Pavelic dies.

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